G's Ads Academy

Have you wanted to run Google Ads but you're not sure where to start?  

Or maybe you ran an ad with Google's smart campaign but didn't get the results you wanted.

You feel like hiring someone to do your ads might be out of reach for now, but you don't feel ready to do them yourself.

I have the solution.

What if you could look over the should of a Google Ads expert as they guide you how to setup and run your first successful campaign?  You could learn the ins and outs of running a profitable campaign from someone who really knows what they're doing

Plus you can use to continue to run ads over and over again.

Step-by-step, you'll see exactly what to do.  

I'll walk you through ALL the features that can really help you get results.

In G's Ad Academy you'll get all that plus:  

  • See how to set up a campaign from scratch the way ad agencies do
  • Understand negative keywords and how and why to use them
  • Start with the best keyphrases for your product
  • Understand how to start with a small budget and increase it when needed so you get the best results with minimal spend
  • Learn how to use all the available features (that the smart campaigns don't use) to your benefit

With this course, you'll run expert level ads that get results without investing in an expert ($$$) to do them for you.

Your ads can be up and running on Google in less than 30 days!

Set your business up for success by grabbing G's Ads Academy now. (Click the orange GET INSTANT ACCESS button.)

Questions?  Email glenneth@thevisibilitymethod.com.  


What should my ad spend be?  I recommend planning to spend $10/day to start.  

Grab my Visibility Workbook (FREE) to learn more and make sure you are ready for Google Ads.  

G's Ads Academy is offered by The Visibility Method and Glenneth Reed.  You can visit our website at www.thevisibilitymethod.com.  

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